Shark and Hammer return to base after being defeated by Regis. Everyone is surprised to hear of how strong he is compared to the other "Noblesse" they have fought in the past. Though Hammer accepts the fact that they lost, Shark insists that they only lost because he and Hammer didn't have any D with them. He states that Regis was not much of a threat, other than his mind control ability. M-21 laughs at Shark for being beaten up by a little kid and Shark begins to pummel M-21 for being arrogant. Shark questions M-21 over his relationship with Regis but M-21 answers that according to their deal, they have to give him information first. M-21 then says that because of the attack he will, "regardless of their deal," withhold at least one piece of vital information or insert one piece of false information. Upon hearing this, Krantz orders Shark to stop because his actions are interfering with the mission. M-21 then asks Shark to make him ramen as compensation for the ill treatment, stating he may reconsider withholding the information.

At Frankenstein's house, when Regis returns from his battle with Shark and Hammer, Frankenstein and Seira sense that he was in a fight. After Regis explains what happened, Rai hands Regis some Pocky to cheer him up and a frustrated Frankenstein asks Regis to stop dropping crumbs while eating.

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