The Chapter begins with Shinwoo, Ikhan and Rai entering the school cafeteria, and Shinwoo ordering lunch for all of them. Throughout the cafeteria, the murmurs of other students can be heard; all which revolve around the same subject; Rai. People are curious about who he is, where he is from, and everything about him, especially girls.

While Rai is being served ramen with chopsticks for the first time, the sound of the chopsticks sends him flashbacks of a very dark and gruesome time. He believes that Shinwoo and Ikhan are posing as a threat to him, and therefore threatens them, but his threats fall on deaf ears; the boys are caught up in their meal, and just urge Rai to follow suit.

When Shinwoo offers Rai kimchi to eat with Ramen, Rai believes it is garlic infused, meant to poison and kill him and starts to rebuff the boys, however the boys again are ignorant to what is happening with Rai, and urge him to just eat. When Rai looks at the noodles, he says that the serving grew bigger. At this, Shinwoo snaps and tells Rai to just eat.

Rai's flashback

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