Frankenstein reports to Rai that he saw M-21 near the building where the Union's labs used to be and that M-21 didn't look like he was doing well. He states that seeing the abilities of the enemy, M-21 couldn't possibly escape from there. Rai says that he will wait until M-21 finds what he is looking for before taking any action. At the Union base, Tao is struggling with whether or not to complete the task of finding the children that Takeo met up with (Shinwoo and Suh Yuna), so that Shark can dispose of them. He wonders why is he so frustrated and is reminded of Ikhan calling him 'Hyung'.

Takeo walks by and tells Tao about the fight that he had with Frankenstein and that Frankenstein got away. Tao asks Takeo if he would like him to look up information on his sister. Takeo gets very defensive and asks what Tao's motives are, but Tao claims that he has none and it would be nice for Takeo to know. Tao in return asks Takeo to tell him how it feels to have a kid sibling. He asks Takeo about doesn't it bother him that his sister is Union's hands and they blackmail him all the time. Elsewhere, M-21 gets beaten by Shark because he refuses to give any information until he learns what he wants. Krantz tells Shark and Hammer to make sure that he doesn't kill M-21. But M-21 tells them that they shouldn't worry and just kill him.

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