Frankenstein states that he was sure he won't be found out but Takeo tells him that he only found him accidentally, as he was separated from others. Both of them start fighting. Frankenstein attacks him but Takeo defends with a big metallic case and counterattacks with it. He makes some distance and sends a wave of dark matter to destroy the case. When the smoke clears, Takeo shoots at Frankenstein with a sniper rifle which was originally contained in the case. Frankenstein tries to attack from close range but Takeo swings the rifle at him. Both of them praise each other’s strength and Frankenstein closes the distance in one go, only for Takeo to point a gun at his head. Takeo decides to kill him rather than capture him. Frankenstein finally gets a bit more serious and easily stops the bullets with his hands. They continue fighting for some time with both of them easily dodging each other's attacks. Frankenstein thinks that the battle has dragged on too long and decides to leave. He attacks with a huge attack of dark matter and leaves while using the smoke as cover.

He reaches home and wonders if others are also on par with Takeo's strength. He concludes that they need to find information beforehand before seeing Rai and the others drinking tea. Regis tells him that Seira made the tea for everyone. He starts praising her for doing something good, making her blush. He then looks at Regis, confusing him.

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