M-21 is confused why DA-5 think as if he is on a mission and wonders what did Dr. Crombel do for them to investigate him. M-21 wonders if he should try to escape, but then decides to stay and gain information about his comrades with DA-5's help. While he is still lost in thoughts, Takeo advices him to drink water while he still can. M-21 is suspicious, but Takeo claims he didn't do anything to the water and asks M-21 if he should drink it himself and prove it. M-21 thinks about the rumors that stated that Takeo was the coldest emotionally DA-5 agent. M-21 says that Union won't keep quiet if they hear about all this, but Takeo replies that they are just following orders.

Elsewhere at a cafe, Tao and Ikhan are discussing about computer stuff when Ikhan asks Tao if he can call him hyung, older brother. Tao is surprised at first but then allows it. Tao asks about who was the one chatting with him other time and Ikhan tells him about Shinwoo hoping to introduce them to each other. Suddenly Tao notices something and gets up telling Ikhan that he has to leave now. Shark appears there and asks Tao if he was also becoming like Takeo, meeting up with kids. Shark then tells Tao that he has been killing everyone that Takeo has helped or met on their missions before because he finds Takeo annoying. He assures Tao that he won't kill Ikhan as he has no enmity with him, to which Tao states that he doesn't care about what happens to others.

At Frankenstein's house, Rai and Frankenstein are having tea. Frankenstein asks Rai about what he thinks of M-21's decision. He says that there has to be some reason behind M-21 actions, to which Rai agrees. Rai asks him if he is worried but Frankenstein claims that he is concerned about his master as he had interest in M-21. He keeps speaking until Rai tells him that he understands his worries.

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