Tao meets with Ikhan, who is worried about how his identity and address were found and claims that anyone would be surprised to see a hacker at their house. Ikhan wonders how Tao found him though he couldn't get any information about Tao. Tao praises his skills and tells him that he never met someone like him before. He tells Ikhan that he has met many strong opponents but he was most fun and so Tao wanted to see what kind of person he was. He says that he wonders if Ikhan has also felt the loneliness of being a genius and being pushed aside by brutes. At first Ikhan doesn't understand but realizes that even Shinwoo sometimes teases him and claims that he can sympathize with Tao.

At Frankenstein's house, Rai and Frankenstein are sitting together all by themselves. Frankenstein is very happy as it’s been quite a long time, that they had a quiet afternoon. But he gets a bit upset because as soon as he says that Regis and Seira return. Seeing Regis upset, Frankenstein questions if something bad happened to which Seira agrees claiming that Regis has been sulking. Regis refuses to accept it and tells Rai and Frankenstein that M-21 was with them only for his mission and he went with the guys from his organization.

At their hideout Krantz asks M-21 about the information regarding the hide out that was recently shut down. M-21 tells them that they should be able to know everything he knows considering that he is a low ranking agent. Krantz asks Shark to beat him telling M-21 not to waste his time. M-21 asks them to be polite seeing that they want information from him. Shark attacks again but Krantz tells him to stop and asks M-21 about Dr. Crombel. He further tells him that according to the information, M-21 is on a personal assignment from Dr. Crombel and tells him that he will come back later. All this confuses M-21 who wonders why Crombel is doing all that. When they all leave Takeo gives M-21 some water to drink.

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