Frankenstein calls M-21 in his room and gives him a credit card. He tells him that it's card for the bank account under fake name, where M-21's salary is going. Frankenstein claims that he didn't see M-21 ever spend money and was reminded of the card. M-21 is surprised to find himself working and paid like a normal person. Rai sits there sipping his tea. Outside in the playground, he wonders if he is really just staying there for his job. The janitor arrives and tells M-21 that he has changed over the time and that earlier he never saw him smile.

At the ex-Union base, Tao is all alone and finds information about Ikhan . He is glad that its a young boy rather than some old geezer and decides to pay him a visit. Elsewhere, M-21 is confronted by Shark and Hammer. M-21 is shocked when he hears his code name and realizes that they are from the Union. Shark tells him that they are from DA-5. It is revealed that DA-5 is a special faction within the Union which kills the groups opposing Union and unlike the assassination squad, DA-5 fights more openly. They are not only based on human enhancements but also use powerful weapons to fight. M-21 reveals that he knows about them and asks them for what they want with him. They ask him to come along with them but he refuses. Shark tells him that he has no choice and tries to intimidate M-21 by releasing his aura but has to stop when Regis and Seira suddenly arrive at the scene.

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