Tao explains to all the members that M-21 has been around even after the branch was closed down. They discuss about the information regarding Dr. Crombel and Krantz orders Hammer, Takeo and Shark to capture M-21 alive in any possible way.

At his home, Ikhan checks the files stolen by Tao, confirming that the data was stolen very skillfully. He wonders if he will meet him again and soon gets a message from Tao. Ikhan has already made necessary preparations and Tao is surprised to see that he was not serious last time..

After Shinwoo and others have left after party, Regis talks to M-21. He asks for his reasons for working at a human school, to which M-21 answers that it's his job. Regis refuses to believe it and warns M-21 that he will eliminate him if he suspects him of anything which amuses M-21. Frankenstein, angry at the mess on the table asks them to shut their mouths and clean the mess. M-21 tells Regis not to misunderstand him as Frankenstein doesn't like dirty house. Regis claims that he is a Noble and cleaning what he eat, further leading M-21 to tell him that he didn't eat anything but he is still cleaning out of respect. They keep bickering on about what they ate until Frankenstein praises Seira for working without being asked to leading her to blush. Regis then notices Rai sitting and asks why he is not cleaning even though he ate everything. Frankenstein tries to stop him, but to no avail as Regis keeps speaking. This makes M-21 scared and Frankenstein angry but Rai gets up and starts cleaning the mess. Frankenstein wishes that his master killed him as he deserves death for being unable to do anything.
Frank apologizing

Frankenstein is upset.

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