While Ikhan and Suyi have already gone to Frankenstein's house, Shinwoo and Yuna are left behind. On their way to meet others, they see a foreigner being robbed by some local delinquents. The foreigner turns out to be Takeo. Shinwoo asks Yuna to stay back for a while and confronts the bullies. He quickly defeats them and returns Takeo's wallet and apologizes to him on behalf of Korean citizens. When he sees Yuna, Takeo confuses them for a couple on the date, embarrassing them. He calls Shinwoo a macho man and Yuna big and busty, further shocking them.

Back at home, Suyi wonders where they are but Ikhan tells them to start eating. Suyi asks Ikhan if something happened between Shinwoo and him, so Ikhan explains him that Shinwoo had a chat with a hacker. He then serves some dishes to Regis telling him that they have to eat to grow more. M-21 and Frankenstein return back home and Frankenstein has same expression he always has on seeing the children. At the ex-Union base, Tao tells Krantz that he found information about M-21 and it states that he is one a mission under Dr. Crombel but no other details are mentioned. They are suspicious that for something like that, the level of security is too high. Tao shows them a video from CCTV a camera nearby which shows M-21 walking down the street.

Takeo goes to a cafe with Shinwoo and Yuna. They all have a nice chat and Takeo tells them about his sister. When Yuna gets a message from Suyi, they remember that everyone is waiting for them and decide to go home. Takeo sits down and asks Shark what is he doing there? Shark asks Takeo if the kids remind him of his sister, to whom Takeo gets angry and while pointing a gun at Shark, tells him not to mention his sister again.

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