Ikhan wonders that just now he sent the hacker away and he is back again. Ikhan blocks him and sends him a virus as a counterattack. Tao tries to work faster but is still blocked by Ikhan. Tao is excited by the fact that there is someone so interesting and starts typing a superfast rate. Ikhan thinks that it is only 1 guy, so how can he work so fast? The attacks start getting faster and diverse and Ikhan starts losing. Suddenly the laptop goes out of power. Much to Ikhan's shock, Shiwoo pulled out the plug by mistake. After plugging the laptop on, Ikhan is shocked to see that there was no damage during the time he lost power and wonders if Tao was just playing around for fun.

Ikhan tells him uncle's office that they should shut the computers till he can check the damage of the attack. While Ikhan is on the call, Tao sends a message asking him what happened. Shinwoo, sitting close by replied that the laptop ran out of power. Shinwoo wonders if Ikhan was just fooling around pretending to work and starts chatting. He misunderstands Tao to be a girl and that Ikhan is dating a girl. He asks him his age and seeing 24 years old, asks him if he can call him elder sister? One misunderstanding further leads to another when Tao tells him that he is a guy and Shinwoo starts running away from Ikhan..

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