Krantz and his team are at the Union base recently locked down by Dr. Crombel. Tao tries to restore the connection but fails to do so as the server was destroyed. They find out that Crombel was passing by and had no real reason for the visit. They find out everyone in the base was killed and that even Jake and Mary were terminated during the mission. It seems that Tao had once fought Jake and defeated him. When they find out that M-21 and M-24 were also their on a mission, Krantz tells Tao to find out M-21's location. Suddenly an apparatus hanging from the roof begins to fall straight over Tao's head, but Takeo arrives and shoots it before it could fall.

At the school, M-21 meets Seira and Regis and tells them that its truth that a mutant was not involved in the hospital incident but an Infected being. He tells them that an Infected is a being created when a modified human infects a normal human. Regis disagrees claiming that it has to be a mutant and its difficult to differentiate between Infected and mutant. He asks M-21 about where are the Infected and the modified human who infected the being. M-21 tells them that both of them are dead. Regis asks him why he is telling them all that, to which M-21 replies that he feels sorry for two kids who are wasting their nights searching for clues. In the chairman's office, Frankenstein discusses about the clans of Seira and Regis with Rai wondering that their influence might have decreased. Rai asks him to add sugar to the tea.

At Ikhan's house, Ikhan is working on his computer while Shinwoo is sitting idly. He asks Ikhan to cook him something to eat but Ikhan tells him that he needs to finish the security check for his uncle by today. Shinwoo decides to cook something himself. While working, Ikhan sees someone sneak in the security and stops him. The one trying to hack is Tao, who gets excited and tries again.

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