The group has reached Korea and Shark comments that he thought it would be a lawless zone because of the division in the country but it’s a quiet and peaceful country. Tao asks their leader for such an operation for them as they are specialized in war and are better at large scale battles. Shark and Hammer comment that weapons are only for making it more efficient but they are strong themselves too. Tao comments that they are not weak but they cannot immerse with the people in public and carry out their tasks.

Their leader asks Tao to shut up and tells them that their mission isn't combat but investigation, much to everyone else's shock. Other members start complaining but he tells them that they are here to investigate Dr. Crombel's stay in Korea. Tao informs them all that though it wasn't released officially but Crombel has been promoted to the rank of Elder. Takeo stands outside and wonders that its quite a peaceful country.

Meanwhile, Seira and Regis see M-21 walking on the street but don't indulge in talks with him. Seira claims that she thinks that M-21 was hiding something but not lying about what he told them. M-21 returns home and tell Frankenstein and Rai that they are out investigating once again. M-21 says he can't understand them, so Frankenstein decides to tell him about the origin of Nobles.

Frankenstein tells M-21 that in earlier days when there was no science and experiments, humans were very fragile beings and needed protection. They asked Nobles for help and thus nobles helped them, thus giving nobles a god status. According to Frankenstein, Nobles didn't have much interest in humans but it was humans who believed them as Rulers or Nobles. The meanings have changed but some Nobles still follow the path of not injuring or attacking humans.

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