M-21 is standing in the balcony of the house and is angry at what Regis said to him. Frankenstein asks him if he is alright, but M-21 still upset about earlier thinks that he shouldn't expect much from Rai and Frankenstein. Frankenstein tells him that he understands that he is not comfortable but he should try to adjust for the time being. M-21 tells him not to worry about him and that they are pretty considerate to let him live there.

Next morning in the cafeteria, Regis and Seira have lunch along with Rai and the group. Shinwoo asks Regis if he has eaten ramen before and knows how to use chopsticks. This hurts Regis's ego and he quickly starts using the chopsticks and tells Shinwoo that he can use them very easily. But Regis is left shocked when Rai sits down to eat with formal manners and etiquette.

Later Regis and Seira are standing on the top of a building and discussing about the elegance they sense from Rai, when they see M-21 walking in the street. Regis claims that an incident concerning a mutant which is thoroughly covered and a modified human at same place and at time can't be a coincidence. Seira agrees to it and says it would be a good idea to confirm it.

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