At the police station during night, there are few people still working when Regis and Seira go there. They are asked to leave but Regis uses mind control to question them about the hospital incident, but to no avail because even those in police are think it is caused by mentally ill person. Regis wonders why the incident is covered up so much, but is sure it is the work of a mutant and not any mentally deranged person.

Rai, Frankenstein, and M-21 are following Regis and Seira standing on top of a building. M-21 questions them about why are they following them when they are comrades. Frankenstein tells him that they are not his comrades and he brought them with him in order to keep an eye on them. M-21 goes on to say that those children are noblesse for sure and even Frankenstein and Rai are probably noblesse too.

Frankenstein tells him that he is not totally off the mark and those kids are noblesse, but noblesses are different from vampires. According to Frankenstein, vampires are people who drink human blood and create mutants and thus the cycle goes on when mutants start doing the same thing. He states that vampires called mutants are prohibited. And lastly, Frankenstein tells M-21 that word, "Noblesse" is not used for an entire race but rather it’s a title given to only one being. Frankenstein glances towards Rai when he mentions that Noblesse is a title reserved for only one being...implying that Rai is "Noblesse".

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