On seeing the transfer students, Frankenstein is shocked and wonders if they are here to investigate something. The boy asks Frankenstein if he is the director of the school and Frankenstein states that he is. The boy tells him that he is very elegant and even the school is quite good. He then uses his ability to make Frankenstein manage their transfer. Frankenstein understands that he's using Mind Control, but decides to play along in order to prevent any suspicion about his identity. He decides to do as they say and transfers them to Rai's class.

When they are being introduced to the class, students are amazed to see their silver hair. Mr. Park tells everyone that they are not from the same country and students state that they have already experienced it. The boy claims that they are too noisy and don't have any elegance. When students say that they are like nobles in movies, they contradict them and say that they are actual Nobles. Mr. Park tells them to introduce themselves. The boy asks why he must something like that which astounds the teacher but he calms himself due to Frankenstein's request to take it easy on them.

Park tells them to fix their manners of talking to the teachers and at least tell their names to everyone. The boy's name is Regis K. Landegre and the girl's name is Seira J. Loyard. Shinwoo comments that their class gets a lot of foreigners but is surprised by Ikhan's excited expression. He wonders if Ikhan has totally fallen for Seira. Regis looks around the class and is shocked to see Rai. Both Seira and he are captivated by amount of elegance they feel from Rai.

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