After beating Charles, M-21 tells Jung Hansu to take his bodyguard and move his car from there. After M-21 goes away and Hansu's van leaves, everyone went back to their activities. While Suyi is standing there, Shinwoo, Ikhan and Yuna come and meet her. They discuss about her concert and her coming back to the school. Shinwoo asks her about Hansu's bodyguard to which Suyi replies that apparently he is very skilled and Hansu paid a lot to bring him from America but as they saw he lost so easily.

Shinwoo thinks that Charles was not weak, but M-21 is just too strong and beat him before he could even do something. Suddenly Yuna, Ikhan and Shinwoo all start criticizing Jung Hansu for his personality and ask Suyi about why she brought him to the school. Hearing this, Suyi counters by saying that, they were the ones who wanted to see Hansu in the first place. She continues that she had to force herself to bring him here because of them and now they tell her that they are disappointed and ask her why she brought Hansu there. She then questions them about the identity of M-21 and Shinwoo tells her that he is Special Security and that they saw him with chairman few times. Suyi states that he can even enter the Entertainment Industry. She suddenly sees Rai and starts blushing when Shinwoo asks him to come. Ikhan introduces them to each other and Yuna comments to Suyi that Rai is handsome, to which she agrees. Bell rings and they all return to their classes.

M-21 is called to Frankenstein's room and he is sure that it’s about the earlier incident. Frankenstein asks him about how is his job and tells him that he heard about what happened in the lunch break. But M-21 is shocked when Frankenstein tells him that he has done good work but asks him to make sure; he doesn't kill anyone to which M-21 agrees.

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