Seeing M-21 kick the car, Charles gets angry and tries to fight M-21. Hansu tells M-21 that Charles is an ex- military officer and someone like M-21 can't defeat him. In order to avoid any commotion, M-21 quietly walks away, ignoring Charles's insults. The Janitor tells Hansu that there is a separate area for cars and anyone other than staff can't enter school grounds without permission. Hansu gets agitated and shouts that he will leave and tells them to wait, but Suyi tells him, that he is creating too much of scene. Charles intervenes and breaks the janitor's broom and lifts him up by the neck. Hansu tries to stop Charles, but is pushed aside and Charles tells him not to get in his way.

M-21 is moving away from the disturbance thinking that he is hiding and can't create a scene, only to see Rai standing there looking at him. The security asks if he needs any help and they should send someone, but M-21 refuses their offer and decides to solve the problem himself. He goes back and tells Charles to let the janitor go, but Charles tries to act arrogantly. M-21 immediately grabs hold of his neck chain and brings him down to his knees. As Shinwoo takes care of the janitor who was released from Charles's grip. Charles tries to move M-21's hand but M-21 doesn't even move slightly and slams him into the car breaking his chain along the way. Everyone is shocked at seeing his strength. Charles thinks about his gun and claims if only there wasn't anyone around but before he could do anything, M-21 tells him that if there was no one around he would have been dead by now. Charles feels terrified by M-21 and wonders what someone like him is doing in a school.

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