M-21 stands near the playgrounds, watching the children play when an old cleaning guy suddenly approaches him and starts introduction. He was told that M-21 started an incident at his previous job and had to leave but tells him not to worry about such incidents and rumors. He also praises Frankenstein for opening such a wonderful school. Later, a van belonging to Jung Hansu, a celebrity suddenly enters the school grounds and stops. There is a ruckus as the student idol; Im Suyi gets out of the van.

Inside the school cafeteria, everyone is surprised and is looking at Rai who is setting up to eat the lunch in a formal way. Shinwoo tells him to eat before they get overcooked. Suddenly a student comes enters the cafe and shouts that Im Suyi and Jung Hansu are outside. Everyone including Shinwoo, Yuna and Ikhan run outside and Rai is left all alone. Outside M-21 approaches Jung Hansu and tells him to move the car from there. Hansu acts cockily asking him who he is and why can't he park the car there. M-21 tells him that vehicles can't pass through there and asks him to move it. Hansu gets angry but is stopped by Suyi who tells him that he was leaving anyway, but hearing the sounds, Hansu's bodyguard Charles comes out of the car. Hansu starts acting to stop Charles but after a small discussion tells him not to hurt M-21. M-21, standing there bangs the car with his foot and tells them that they are too talkative and asks them to move out.

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