Rai is sitting infront of his huge wardrobe with school uniform. Frankenstein enters the room, asking which one will he wear and wonders why even though all uniforms are same, Rai still has trouble deciding. M-21, who is on his job at the school first meets Yuna and later Shinwoo, Ikhan and Rai. Shinwoo calls him ajussi, making him wonder what it is.

Later in the classroom, Shinwoo sees Rai using a cellphone and states its a new and latest one. Ikhan asks Rai's number, only to get no response. He decides to help Rai become an expert in using the cellphone and they all send Rai their cellphone numbers. He also teaches him how to send messages and do calls. Frankenstein who is working in his office recieves a message from Rai. M-21, who also recieved the message is in shock as Union is the only one who know about his nickname and worries if they found him.

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