Frankenstein and M-21 arrive at the hospital where Shinwoo, Yuna and Ikhan were hospitalised. Shinwoo asks Rai why didn't he tell them that he came with Frankenstein, telling them that he reached about ten minutes ago. Frankenstein tells them that he left home as soon as he recieved the call about 5 hours ago, leading everyone to wonder if he was lost again. He tells the children that the school break would be over this week. Ikhan questions if the murderer is caught, to which Frankenstein says that he committed suicide.

Sometime later, Rai and Frankenstein stand at top of some buildings and Rai states that the world has changed a lot. He says that the children have something he doesn't have shocking Frankenstein. He says that if he had it, he would never get lost and all he will have to do is make a call. Frankenstein tells Rai that he will buy him a latest cellphone. M-21 arrives there and claims that he also needs one as his was confiscated a while ago. He goes on to say that they can deduct money from his salary, which hurts Frankenstein's ego and he claims that he will provide M-21 with a cellphone free of cost.

After the break is over, everyone is seen at the school and are playing around in their classes. M-21 becomes the new security guard at the school and Frankenstein has a lot of work piled up due to the break. Elsewhere there is a meeting going on between the higher ups of the Union regarding Dr. Crombel and his position in the Union. All the members agree but one member refuses to accept Crombel at the same level as himself. They discuss about Crombel's activity in Korea and accept that its fine to give him a higher rank. One member claims that he will investigate everything himself, to which the meeting head claims that he can do whatever he wants buit he should remember that Crombel is neccesary for the Union.

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