Dr. Crombel is surprised to know that the Infected in dead and believes that it is impossible for M-21 to do so. He asks Frankenstein if there is someone else with him and what their aim is but he gets no reply. He leaves, saying it would be boring to know everything, but hopes to meet Frankenstein again. Frankenstein, stands on the roof, his hand bleeding.

Inside the building, after defeating the Infected, M-21 wonders how he got so much power in his body. He wonders if he made a contract with Rai, only to be corrected. Rai tells him that he didn't form any contract with him, but rather Rai only showed him the true strength hiding inside of him and tells him if he can awaken it again or not depends on him. Frankenstein arrives inside the building and apologizes to Rai for losing Dr. Crombel. After witnessing the destruction at the site, he thinks that it is not done by his master but rather M-21. He asks Rai if he is alright, only to be questioned back about the same thing. He states that humans have progressed too much.

M-21 goes to search for any possible information but finds that everything is destroyed. When Rai decides to leave, M-21 stands behind wondering where he will go now. Frankenstein calls him and asks how long he's going to make them wait, stating that Rai is waiting for him to go back together.

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