Lt. Simon tells M-21 that he can't handle the monster created by the experiment with his abilities and that all the data was erased. He tells M-21 that only possible area to find something is the main lab as it was still safe and claims it is like leaving something behind before he dies. M-21 and Rai go further and see a number of corpses lying about brutually killed. In a room with a huge door destroyed, they see the subject and M-21 is shocked to see that it is the Infected.

Infected starts taunting M-21 about where M-24 is and asks if he was killed by Jake. This angers M-21 who attacks him, only to be dodged and get attacked himself. Infected keeps attacking M-21 insulting him for being a failure and saying that he really is a weakling. M-21 injures his legs but Infected regenrates easily and goes on to show him his physical transformation. M-21 attacks once again but Infected easily regenerates and tell him that likes of M-21 can't kill him.

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