When the elevator reaches the lower levels, M-21 cuts the door to enter the base. On seeing the door of the base closed, M-21 is surprised and claims that the door isn't for locking an enemy inside but rather from preventing the researchers to escape. He further tells Rai and Frankenstein that the door can only be opened from the outside and is useful for creating a complete lockout. They open the door and are surprised to find a heavily guarded area without any guards. Even in the Control Room, all connections from the cameras were lost, leading M-21 to comment that some suspicious is happening in the base. Frankenstein suggests that they should go to the lab now that they have come this far.

While going down even further, M-21 states that there must have been an order of Lockdown from the Union and it must have happened recently only. They exit the elevator only to find out blood splattered all over the ground in the entire corridor. Suddenly there are shots fired at them, which M-21 dodges and Frankenstein easily stops ones going towards Rai. The one shooting was Lt. Simon, who asks why M-21 came back after all that happened and then tells him that Dr. Crombel who betrayed them all.

Simon tells M-21 that Crombel used both researchers and later his troops to obtain all the data on a new specimen and is now gone in his helicopter. Frankenstein leaves to find Crombel after taking permission from Rai. M-21 tells Rai that there are no possible survivors and Crombel, whom they wanted to meet is gone, and thus there is no reason for them to stay. Rai reminds him that he came there to do something and tells him to lead the way. Crombel comments from his helicopter that there was no enough data as the Simon's men were killed so easily. As soon as he sees M-21 is the camera, he gets excited and tells the pilot to return to the base.

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