After having the power supply switched off, Lt. Simon has his men shoot the Infected. But before he could leave the place, his men tell him that the wounds of the subject are healing back. They keep firing but for no use as the wounds keep regenerating. A researcher who was still alive tells Simon that he made a huge mistake and should have rather let the experiment be as it was. He goes on to tell him that the experiment was a success and Dr. Crombel wanted to be the only one with the knowledge of performing it and ordered to erase the facility. He also tells Simon that he is just being used as fodder to collect data from the experiment.

The troops keep fighting and throw some grenades before closing the door. He contacts all the men present there and orders them to move to his location. Outside the base, M-21 shows Rai and Frankenstein the way to the elevators going underground. While entering the elevator, he and Frankenstein discuss that something's not right there and that they should have already been noticed by the base security. Frankenstein suggests that in that they have no other choice then to go and check it themselves.

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