Lt. Simon has released sleeping gas through the ventilators in the facility. He then enters the laboratory and a researcher asks him about what happened, only to be killed by the lieutenant. Outside, Rai is standing in front of the door wondering why it isn't closing. M-21 is also troubled as there is no movement even though he is inside the building. The monitors in the camera room are all focused on inner regions of the building.

Lt. Simon reached the inner laboratory where the experiment was being conducted and meets some of the researchers who claim that the place is one in which Dr. Crombel took interest. They become astonished when they learn that Crombel was the one who ordered the lieutenant to do what he's doing. Simon contacts Dr. Crombel, who was already in his helicopter, and asks what to do with the experiment but Crombel misleads him into waking up the Infected rather than killing it to check its true strength. Thus caught in Crombel's trap, Lt. Simon, shuts the power supply only to wake up the Infected.

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