Dr. Crombel studies the reports on the Infected. He wonders what is different in the Infected because such an incident never happened in the past with other infecteds. He wonders if this was the reason why M-24 and M-21 declined the offer to undergo another experiment. Crombel calls the experiment faculty and tells them to get the experiment used on Jake ready. He decides to use the Infected from the site as the test subject.

At Frankenstein's house, M-21 tries to warn Rai and Frankenstein about the security of the base but later wonders how much trouble could a base cause them when they defeated Jake and Mary. He tells them that Mary was his bodyguard so Crombel might not have much of security with him. When Frankenstein asks for the address, M-21 tells him that he will also go as it there might be some data on his comrades and it would make him happy to destroy a base.

They visit the children before proceeding to the base to meet Dr. Crombel. The children had their memories replaced and thought that they had an accident with a vehicle and Shinwoo took the most damage to protect the others. Shinwoo gives Rai a banana to eat but Rai doesn't know how to eat it and takes it with him as it is.

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