Frankenstein tells Rai about the children's condition and asks him about how they should handle things when the children wake up. Rai tells him that it would be better for them if they don't remember anything from the incident. Frankenstein goes on to thank M-21 for his and M-24's effort in helping to protect children.

M-21 questions him about who they are stating that Mary and Jake were one of the best agents from the organization but they were defeated so easily. M-21 claims that organisation has no data at all on someone that strong, but tells them that he won't ask anything about it. Frankenstein questions him about if he will tell them anything either. M-21 tells them about the experiments going on in the Union and that Mary and Jake were successful experiments while he and his partner were failures. M-21 tells Frankenstein that there are many of Union's laboratories all over the world and that those two were just from one of those labs.

Meanwhile, Dr. Crombel visits the site of the battle and is surprised to see that Mary is actually dead. He later goes on to the site of Rai's and Jake's battle and is shocked to see the destruction (caused by the Rai's Blood Field). He is further surprised to hear that there is an Infected present at the site.

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