Even after transforming, Jake is easily suppressed by Rai's mind control. He tries to stand up using his strength but starts bleeding on overexerting the force. The children watches everything while wondering what is going on but before they can question anything, Rai puts them to sleep. Jake breaks free of the mind control and tries to attack only to be stopped on his tracks once Rai stares at him. Rai touches the blood on Jake's face with his finger and soon the blood starts to float in the air and increase around rapidly. There is a large field of blood and it envelops Jake completely. Soon, a whirlpool of blood is formed which destroys Jake's body without any trace. Frankenstein arrives after defeating Mary, making M-21 wonder who they really are.

Suddenly, there is a sound heard from M-21's communication device and he hears M-24's voice. M-21 tells him everything that happened in the battle. M-24 tells his comrade to stick with Rai and Frankenstein because he doesn't have much time left to live. M-21 tries to remove the rubble but M-24 tells him that its no use as his heart is punctured twice and his body is breaking. M-24 tells him that he is free and doesn't need to remain in contact with the Union anymore. M-24 then remembers the first time all of them met during the laboratory experiment. He remembers the task of finding their true names both of them decided to do. M-21 tells him to stay quiet, saying that he will save him but M-24 apologizes to him and then his voice goes quiet, signifying his death. This leaves M-21 crying.

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