Knowing that he isn't strong enough to defeat Mary, M-21 tries to attack first but his attacks are easily dodged. Mary states that they will have to modify the information regarding them in Union's database, but she suddenly notices that her arm was slightly injured by M-21's attack. This makes her angry and she starts to take M-21 seriously.

Meanwhile, inside the building, Jake starts running madly after M-24, who just stood in the way to stop Jake from catching with the children. He attacks Jake with his full power but this time, Jake easily dodges his attack and grabs his head to further thrust it into the ground. The children hear the loud noises but Shinwoo tells them to keep moving.

Outside the building, Mary and M-21 are fighting but Mary easily overwhelms him without even transforming. She states that it was only interesting because of his unexpected hidden power, but he still is a failed experiment. This statement angers M-21 who claims that they are not just disposable experiments that the Union could use or discard. As Mary tries to further her remarks, Frankenstein and Rai arrive at the location. Frankenstein tells Mary to keep quiet because he doesn't like that kind of talk.

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