M-21 is startled when he hears a loud noise from the communication device and asks M-24 to reply. However, M-24 destroys his communication device and asks the children to run away quickly. Shinwoo was injured and couldn't walk properly, so M-24 carries him and runs with the children.

Ikhan asks M-24 about their location and M-24 tells him that it was their organization's hideout until a few years ago. While they are running, Jake gets up from the crash and, angered by M-24's attack, destroys the doors and walls of the room they were in. M-24 hears the sound of the crash and tells the children to proceed toward the elevator while he tries to stop Jake. When the children ask him if he will be alright, he wonders why they are so polite to someone who put them in such trouble. He then asks them to go ahead and escape.

While outside, M-21 who is still trying to talk to M-24 is suddenly attacked by Mary. He dodges her attack so Mary asks him if he was hiding his strength as he shouldn't have such agility. Mary is further surprised when M-21 shows that he is able to use physical transformation.

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