Jake tells Shinwoo that he wants to test Shinwoo's skills personally and then defeats the Infected with minimal effort of his hand using his enhanced strength. He asks Shinwoo if he is an ordinary student because he looks quite trained. Shinwoo replies that he thought he had trained but looking at Jake's strength that doesn't seem like the case.

Jake stands there and tells Shinwoo that he will let him have the first hit but Shinwoo refuses to do as he says. When Jake threatens to torture and kill Yuna and Ikhan, Shinwoo decides to attack, but his attacks have no effect at all. His own fist starts to bleed and his legs start staggering. This makes Jake feel bored and he decides to go on offensive. He attacks using his enhanced strength and Shinwoo ends up in a similar manner as the Infected and starts bleeding.

Elsewhere, Rai and Frankenstein are on their way to the hideout. Frankenstein tells Rai that the children had just left their house and the last call was not the way anybody would talk to someone that they had just met. He concludes that the children are in danger.

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