While on their way home, Shinwoo and the others are suddenly approached by Jake and MaryShinwoo asks them their identities but is suddenly surprised to see the Infected behind them. Yuna starts to tremble in fear. Shinwoo asks Ikhan to take Yuna and run while he tries to block the others. They try to run away but M-21 and M-24 arrive at the scene.

Caught in the mess, Ikhan asks them the reason for troubling him and his friends, only for Jake to reply that the only reason is that they are unlucky. Shinwoo gets ready to fight Jake but M-21 hits him to make him unconscious. M-24 also hits Yuna and Ikhan so they fall into unconsciousness. Jake gets angry and asks for the reason behind their actions. M-21 advises him to change their location because of recent hospital murder as it will certainly look like Jake is going against Union. He also tells him that there is another student along with the children.

Mary accepts M-21's idea wondering that Frankenstein might have some relation with the kids. They later take the kids to the their hideout.

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