M-21 and M-24 take Jake and Mary, along with the Infected, to the site where they kidnapped the children. When M-21 and M-24 try to go search for the children on their own but Jake stops them and claims that he doesn't trust them. This creates trouble for M-21 who wanted to warn Frankenstein about the children being kidnapped. Mary gives all of them a communication device and tells M-21 to come with her.

Elsewhere, Ikhan, Shinwoo and Yuna are wondering which game they should take to the principal's house to play. In the end they decide to take all of their games and have a party at the principal's. Rai and Frankenstein were having tea when Rai says he has a bad feeling. Frankenstein wonders if it is what he thinks it is when Shinwoo and other come to play.

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