Jake, Mary and the infected finds M-21 and M-24 and Jake bids them to see Dr. Crombel who wants to examine their conditions. Both M-21 and M-24 haven't seen Dr. Crombel for 3 years and they don't want to either as any experiment will lead to the exposure of their abilities (M-21's partial transformation and M-24's mind control). But Jake has even worse news to convey. The infected has told that they had called out the children before. M-21 tries to cover up by telling that they did so to check how much the children knew. Further Jake asks them if they came into contact with any other gang during the mission. M-21 answers in negative. So, Jake and Mary decide to start from the beginning: kidnap the children. They set out leaving M-21 and M-24 to wonder at what will happen to the kids as well as themselves.

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