Having made a deal with Rai and Frankenstein, M-21 and M-24 returns to their hide-out. Shortly after they enter the empty room and have a discussion of getting rid of the infected to secure the concealment of the fact that M-24 has a mind-controlling ability, Mary comes in. Fortunately she hasn't overheard them. She looks for the infected as he is the thief who stole the casket, in order to reach the guy she has been ordered to capture. Meanwhile, Rai and Frankenstein are walking home when Rai discloses that he has felt that those two have lied. At this, Frankenstein becomes doubtful if he has made the right decision not having any info when his master needs it. However, Rai says that he trusts Frankenstein's decisions no matter what the situation. Then the ever unchanging master and his servant who believes him heads home.

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