Dr. Crombel visits Jake and tells him that he must go under several experiments if they want to find out the reason of his affected regeneration. At first, Jake declines but later he succumbs to the said owing to Mary's warning. As Mary and Dr. Crombel walk away, he smashes everything within hand's reach and takes the resolution of killing them someday. Dr. Crombel personally orders Mary to bring him the sample who caused the injury for examination. Meanwhile, Frankenstein gives his contact info to M-21. Taking back Yuna's phone, he warns them not to contact the children anymore. As they walk away, M-21 and M-24 are left to wander seeing that Frankenstein has no scratches even after the fight with Jake. It is even more to wonder what kind of person is he who controls Frankenstein. That person, however, is busy thinking what will taste best with Ramen: Kimchi or Danmooji?

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