The conversation between the two new persons and M-21, M-24 shows that the latter two were sent on a mission to find out the missing coffin. Because of their delay, the other two has to come. The woman also relates that they have heard unusual news about corpses without blood. The guy then accuses M-24 of drinking up blood carelessly. At this, M-24 lets out that they have found the coffin thief but not the coffin. This is more than that should have been let out. But too lately realized, the guy further adds that he must have drank the thief's blood then. M-21 covers up for his partner saying that they were only trying to get the guy to help them find the coffin. The woman, however, notices another thing. She asks M-21 about the injuries in his arm. He replies that they're from unknown people they've encountered, the number of whom were 10. Although startled, M-24 cannot subdue a smirk on his face knowing that his partner has made it up. Meanwhile, Principal Lee gets another phone call. This time it is from the local police officer who has been reported by the Principal's neighbour that some loiterers hung out in front of the Principal's house and one of them was climbing the fence. After arresting and questioning, they have found out that they are students of Ye Ran High School.

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