The two newcomers in the scene meet M-21 and M-24 (who are surprised by this sudden appearance) and exchange formalities. Meanwhile, Shinwoo and Ikhan are staying at Yuna's place like the good old days when they were children. With her mother gone working, Yuna is left with the other two and the three of them bores out. So, Shinwoo comes up with the idea of going over to Rai's place and have fun. Not knowing if Rai owns a cell phone, he calls the Principal, informs him of their coming and ends the call as soon as he has finished talking. the Principal, however, is shocked at this sudden call which has come during an important meeting and even more, at their going off to his home! When the three youngsters reach the place, they are unable to enter as Rai could do nothing but stare and stand, not knowing how to open the door.

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