Sending the children to Yuna's place and arranging for their safety, Frankenstein returns home to his master. They discuss about the pair they have encountered. Their intention could not have been to kill the children, because if that was so, the children would have been killed long ago. Frankenstein wonders what type of beings those two are. Rai then says that he has felt something strange from them. It was a feeling of not belonging anywhere. Meanwhile, on a rooftop of a building, the beaten up duo rests their backs. Frankenstein's bestowed scars has rendered M-21 unable to recover properly. However, he is thinking something else - about the identity of their attackers. The fact that M-24's body moved on one word of the black-haired guy, hints that he has the ability of mind control. At this, M-24 starts because he knows that linking one's mind to others puts a lot of pressure on one's own mind let alone controlling in such a level! It is like something in the human stories, like vampires and others. However, M-21 sticks to his opinion as he knows that both of them came from a similar source with such powers. He assumes that those guys are from the 'Noblesse' race. This would have been information for the higher-ups but M-21 chooses not to tell anyone. While they converse, two new characters make their debut.

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