At the PC Bang, Ikhan starts to teach Rai how to play game. After some verbal instructions Shinwoo stops Ik-Han and takes on the responsibility of teaching Rai. According to him, the fastest way to learn to play is by experiencing. So, he takes on Rai in a one on one and the inevitable happens (Rai loses). Since, Rai is a newbie at the game, Yuna who is also the same faces Rai next. The result, however, remain the same as before as Rai fails to kill Yuna even for once. Shinwoo cannot restrain from laughing at the result which is horrible even for a first timer. Somewhat of a sickly blush appears on Rai's face depicting how embarrassed he is. While the others congratulate Yuna and whisper on his failure, Rai is left in a shocked state that he has never encountered before: a state of humiliation after being utterly defeated.

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