The chapter begins with M-21 and M-24 conversing on how long the Infected might last, Shinwoo's awesome fighting skills and whether to report about the casket to the higher-ups; concluding in staying for a bit longer to have some amusement. Meanwhile, at Frankenstein's home, he is sharing with his master, who is reading a journal on 21st century cultures written by Frankenstein, an assumption that the strange guy they faced might be a vampire. Rai, not being sure what the strange guy is, only says that he has felt uncontrollable desire, rage and hunger from the guy. Frankenstein, however, is determined on finding out more as the incident is related to his master. Rai, now having finished reading, turns to a more important issue: Shinwoo has bought him lunch. Frankenstein apologizes 'cause he has failed to think about his master's meals but Rai assures that the new meal he has tasted has pleased him. He also expresses that he likes school and being called Rai. Frankenstein, now being a lot relieved, asks the name of the meal his master has tasted; guessing that it could be an impressive gourmet meal. Proving his conjecture wrong, Rai announces the name of his favoured meal: Ramen.

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