The Infected rises as if he was not affected by Shinwoo's kick. Yuna and Ikhan point out that the strange guy is not normal so Shinwoo throws a large trashcan at the infected and the kids start to run. Shinwoo notices Rai remaining standing on his spot, looking at the strange guy. Shinwoo turns back and pulls him out of that place. Ikhan and Yuna apologize to Rai for leaving him behind but Shinwoo yells at them to shut up and just run.

Later, the Infected gets up to find the place abandoned by the children but not completely evacuated as M-21 and M-24 arrive. Having watched the whole fight, M-21 seems interested in Shinwoo's fighting skills while M-24 becomes angry that a kid has beaten the infected. M-21 finds Shinwoo's school bag left behind which might aid them in knowing the boy's identity and whereabouts.

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