Frankenstein informs his master about the investigation. He shares his view that "they" could be behind the scenes and considering that "they" have become more secretive than before, it's hard to know how much "they" have improved. He explains that during the long slumber of his master, a lot of changes have taken place and especially the humans who were considered to be the weakest of species have surprisingly arised almost to the peak of power.

Changing the subject, Frankenstein asks how master's class was and gets the reply that Raizel is having a problem with his ability. It strikes Frankenstein like a lightning bolt even to think that his master's mind connection ability has been affected. He asks if this is because of his long slumber, but Raizel tells him that its about the class called Math taught by the gatekeeper. He is relieved that there's no problem with the ability but is troubled for how to explain it to his master.

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