The beginning of a great tale...
In a large room, an embellished white casket lies on the floor. Golden linings and an elegant golden cross decorate its lid. Groaning, the lid gradually opens as clouds of dust fill the room. Silence returns as the dust clears. Very well dressed and the perfect picture of elegance, the silhouette of a young man emerges from the dust. Opening his eyes, he surveys his surroundings with a nonchalant expression adorning his face. With a raise of his hand, the curtains open and reveal the doors of the balcony; they, too, open at the raise of his hand. The young man enters the balcony only to be revealed to unfamiliar surroundings. He is in a building situated above the traffic and busy roads of South Korea. Observing the scene, he spots students walking to school. He holds up his arms and closes his eyes. The school uniform of the students replaces his own clothing as he stands still.

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