The Captain (Kor. 함장) of the 8th Fleet leads the Union battleships placed around the Lukedonian borders. He works under the 12th Elder and has been patrolling the borders with his crew for about 10 years.


When Rai and Raskreia's battle renders Lukedonia to be temporarily visible, he seizes the opportunity to command an attack on Lukedonia, not waiting for the command of his superiors. This leads to a battle which drives them away from Lukedonian barrier.

After a long period of time, when Rai and Frankenstein journeys back to Lukedonia once again (hearing about the traitors attacking Lukedonia), the Captain and his fleet spot their plane and fire on it. But an instant later, they are surprised to see two individuals aboard their ship. The Captain finds it hard to believe they could have landed from that plane. He assumes they are modified humans and commands his crew to open fire on them. However, their attacks are easily blocked by Frankenstein. Before they could make any more moves, Frankenstein uses his dark power to destroy their combat equipments and jumps away, following his master.