The 10th Elder finds himself in a disadvantageous situation and tries to escape by using humans for cover. Rai finds this action inexcusable and steps forward to stop him.

Prologue Edit

When Seira fights as a clan leader with her Death Scythe and uses the Grim Reaper on Rostere, he foresees defeat and plans to hide among normal humans so that Nobles would not attack him there. As Rostere jumps to flee a Blood Field traps him.

Battle Summary Edit

Rai, unable to stand back and watch while the 10th Elder attempts to getaway using humans as live shields, steps in to fight. He imprisons Rostere within a blood field to block his getaway. Rostere turns to look down and sees Rai standing there. He cannot believe that all this time, there has been someone present who is even stronger than the other two fighters. Rai chides Rostere's insolent plan of attempting to use humans as shield. Then he brings Rostere crashing down with a slight movement of his fingers for daring to look down at him.

Rostere gets up on his feet and recollects himself. He assumes that Rai is a clan leader and blames Lukedonia of being underhanded. Regis retorts back at Rostere that it was he who wanted to sacrifice human lives for his own protection. At this, Rostere boldly replies that he's an Union Elder, born to rule over the humans; a few humans should be proud to be sacrificed for their ruler.

Deciding to use up his life force to take down Rai with himself, Rostere charges at him. To his shock, Rai stops him with his one hand. Seeing such ability, Rostere mistakes him for the Noble Lord. Thinking that he'd be the one to take down the Noble Lord, he transforms himself into a living bomb and explodes. To everyone's surprise, Rai encases all the energy and diminishes it, bringing about the obliteration of Rostere.

Aftermath Edit

After Rai finishes the elder, Frankenstein worries about Rai's deteriorated health state and urges his master to go home and take rest, assuring that he would handle the rest. He notions M-21 and Regis to accompany Rai. Before leaving, Rai tells Frankenstein to bring Tao and Takeo without fail. Bonerre is compelled to guide Frankenstein and Seira to Tao and Takeo.

Image Gallery Edit

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