M-21 and M-24 kidnaps Yuna and use her to call out rest of the children to kill them. Ikhan informs Frankenstein about this and thus calling the wrath of both Frankenstein and Rai on M-21 and M-24.


M-21 and M-24 kidnaps Yuna to call out Shinwoo. M-21 tells them not to inform the police otherwise they would kill her. Shinwoo recklessly charges towards the location while Ikhan informs Frankenstein about this. Both Frankenstein and Rai arrive at the scene, and Frankenstein releases his aura to provoke M-21 and M-24 for a battle.

Battle SummaryEdit

M-21 and M-24 are caught from behind. Frankenstein gives them the option to either die or leave silently.Unwilling to choose from the given options, M-21 and M-24 attack their unknown nemesis. M-24 aims a punch at Rai in order to kill him. M-21 thinks that guy is finished but as the smoke clears out, it appears that he's wrong. Rai is even more powerful and he has stopped the attack with a gentle move of his hand. Even more startling is when Rai simply says "KNEEL" and M-24's body obeys the command. M-24 wonders how could a child who was with the rest of Children be so powerful.

Rai takes his leave and asks Frankenstein to do the same. Frankenstein tells both M-21 and M-24 to leave the children alone.


Rai spares the lives of both M-21 and M-24 on the condition that they leave the children alone. The fact that they let children escape gives rise to major incidents in future primarily because Infected reveals about the children to Jake.

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