Jake and Mary kidnaps the children in order to call out the remaining survivor Rai, and the mysterious man who defeated Jake, Frankenstein. Frankenstein battles with Mary while Rai goes to underground basement to save the children from Jake.


Jake and Mary find the children with the help of Infected and decide to kill them. M-21 suggests they should keep them alive for now as another witness is still alive. In reality, he is trying to buy time so that Rai and Frankenstein can save them. Mary and Jake realize the treachery of M-21 and M-24 and decide to kill the them and the child. Rai and Franekstein enter at last moment to save them.

Battle SummaryEdit

The children are surprised to see Rai alone and they feel guilty for involving him in this mess. They start crying, and apologizing to him, while trying to hold Jake in order to stop him and ask Rai to escape from there. Jake gets infuriated and smacks the children away to focus back on Rai. Rai gets upset seeing all this and contacts Frankenstein via mind link telling him to break the seal restricting his power and eliminate the enemy in front of him. Jake complains that kids these days don't listen to his orders and tells Rai that he is a pretty boy who is an enemy to all men. Rai doesn't respond to anything said by Jake, which leads Jake to ask him if he is too scared to even look at him. Rai states that there is a difference in eye level and commands him to KNEEL, shocking everyone present there. He then tells Jake, who is sitting on the ground, that this is the difference between their eye level.

Jake is pressured on the floor by Rai's mind control . Everyone is shocked at the sight and M-21 wonders about how strong Rai's mind control is. Jake tries to stand up but is pressurized to fall down again and starts feeling scared. Thus, Jake undergoes further transformation and gets his full body transformed . Jake is overjoyed with his new power. M-21 is surprised at Jake's strength and wonders if this is the new experiment Dr. Crombel was talking about. Jake boasts about his new power and states that he is the only one to have evolved to next stage, something no one else could do, only for Rai to tell him that he talks too much. He attacks Rai but is forced down again by his mind control, who asks him what of his transformation.

Even after transforming, Jake is easily suppressed by Rai's mind control. He tries to stand up using his strength but starts bleeding on overexerting force. The children, watching everything wonder what is going on but before they can question anything, Rai puts them to sleep. Jake gets free of mind control and tries to attack only to be frozen in terror once Rai stares at him. Rai touches the blood on Jake's face with his finger and soon the blood starts to float in air and increase around rapidly. There is a large field of blood, and it envelops Jake completely. Soon a whirlpool of blood is formed which destroys Jake's body without any trace.


After Jake's death, M-24 awakens and tells M-21 to stay with Rai and Frankenstein as he is near his death. M-21 decides to stay with them and meanwhile, Dr. Crombel takes interest in the experiment which made Jake more powerful.

Trivia Edit

The creators said that the fight between Rai and Jake made Noblesse popular on Naver. According to Lee Gwang-Su, the kneel scene was the most difficult scene he has drawn in Noblesse as Rai is difficult to draw to begin with but his arrogant demeanor further increased the difficulty countless times.

Image GalleryEdit

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