The battle takes place when the 12th Elder intends to kill all KSA members for having opposed him, an Elder of the Union. Rai decides to stop the 12th Elder himself as he has no right of taking others' lives.


The 12th Elder is easily defeated by Frankenstein in their battle so he chooses to hold Rai as a hostage until his body heals enough to escape. Everyone panics and hesitates to do anything and Rai lets out a sigh out of irritation. The 12th Elder tells Na Yonsu and An Sangeen that he will do all he can to destroy KSA completely and place South Korea under the Union's full control, as well as investigate the identities of all those who are allies of KSA. The 12th Elder also blames KSA for all these as obvious consequences of their actions. He boasts of himself for making such 'clever and correct' decisions and even states that it's reasonable that they should get killed for opposing an Elder.

Battle SummaryEdit

Rai interrupts by asking the 12th Elder why taking human lives is reasonable. The 12th Elder, not realizing who Rai is, becomes enraged by his comments. Rai lets out his power to cause the Earth to rumble and asks him whether he thinks his life is worth more than anyone else and then asks him who gave him the right to take one's life. The 12th Elder, An Sangeen and Na Yonsu are very shocked as Rai creates a Blood Field. The 12th Elder realizes that this presence overpowers that of Roctis Kravei, to whom he is bound by a contract. He also acknowledges that this presence suggests he is a noble far greater than a clan leader. All those on the ground (KSA agents) look up pondering what this red field is and Frankenstein is saddened by the fact that Rai has to use his power.

At first, the 12th Elder trembles in fear and asks carefully whether Rai is the Lord of nobles but Rai ignores him. The Elder begs for mercy, offering information about Roctis. Getting no response, he realizes that he will die if he stays still. He releases a large energy beam via his mouth at Rai without any notice. Everyone is shocked and the 12th Elder is glad and chuckles as he thinks that not even the Lord will be fine after being blasted straight on by his power. However, he wonders why the blood field is not disappearing and is greatly shocked when Rai comes out unharmed from the cloud of dust.

Rai then tells the contractee of Roctis Kravei that he has thrown away his right to existence and sentences him to death. The 12th Elder screams as the blood field surrounds him completely. Not even Frankenstein nor Seira can withstand this immense power emitting from the cyclone of blood with ease and the battle scene is devoid of any traces of the 12th Elder once the blood field has disappeared. Rai looks up at the blood droplets hovering in the air.


Roctis realizes that the 12th Elder has been destroyed. The 9th Elder finds it hard to believe as the 12th Elder was the result of his experiments and had a contract with Roctis and he questions who can possibly destroy him. Roctis does not know who may have killed him and he expects the other Elders to know about this soon. The 9th Elder blames the stupidity of the 12th Elder and also expects the Union to be affected hugely by this.

The use of blood field further deteriorates Rai's health. Frankenstein is left worrying about his master who is bleeding from his mouth. Rai tells Frankenstein to remain calm and tells him that he will return before everyone else. Before they leave, Frankenstein asks Sangeen and Yonsu to remain silent about this event and Rai.

Back at the house, Tao is surprised to find out that the bat-like monster was the 12th Elder and he wonders why they look so ugly and savage compared to the clan leaders of Lukedonia. He laughs aloud, praising Frankenstein's power once again, and saying that it was ironic to see the 12th Elder perish after having worked under him in the past. The converstation continues and leads to the conclusion that the death of the 12th Elder would cause the Union to send even stronger opponents. Rai suddenly tells the RK-5 (excluding Frankenstein) to leave as they can no longer have the lives they wished for by staying with them.

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