Braang (Kor. 브랑) was a werewolf warrior who served Maduke.


Braang was a stout hunchbacked werewolf with pink hair and a bulbous nose. He had an unusual orange skin tone and brown arms.


Braang spoke very little. He was an aggressive fighter and readily joined Dorant and Krano in facing an already injured Frankenstein after Gorma was killed.


He belonged to the group of four werewolves who were sent by Maduke to 'greet' Muzaka. However, they are intercepted by Frankenstein who had come to rescue M-21.

Plot Overview

Volume 8

Braang is annoyed that since they're occupied with Muzaka, anyone can infiltrate their territory. He watched the fight between Frankenstein and Gorma, and joined the fight against Frankenstein after Gorma was devoured by Dark Spear. The werewolves gang up on Frankenstein and overwhelm him. Just as they are in a position to finish off Frankenstein, Karias and Rael arrive and thwart their attempt. Karias shoots an arrow to stop Braang from delivering the fatal blow and fights him in a mostly one-sided battle, in the clan leader's favour. Rael replaces Karias briefly to serve as a distraction that allows the latter to kill Braang.


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Powers & Abilities

Braang is a powerful werewolf warrior and could withstand several attacks from Karias.


Braang ch429(1)

Braang's enhanced transformation.

Like all werewolves, Braang can transform into combat mode, a much larger, more muscular and overall, more wolf-like form. After undergoing physical modification, he gains the ability to transform even further.

Physical Prowess

Despite his large build, Braang is incredibly agile though not nearly fast enough to catch Karias as the latter notes that although his power is impressive, he lacks speed. In his enhanced form, his physical strength increases to the point were he can easily hurl boulders with one hand.

Aura Manipulation

Braang has shown some skill in manipulating his aura, as he fires a beam from his mouth when trying to counter Karias' attack.



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